Sports News - clubs and events 2019 - 2020

Mrs Flint

A year of celebrations and achievements

Having spoken to and taken on board constructive feedback from parents, we implemented a new system to prepare our teams for competitions. This was done during the lunch hour on a Friday with Premier Sports’ coaches running these sessions. Mrs Cuttle and Mrs Flint also ran afterschool clubs to prepare students for various tournaments. We have been so grateful to Mrs Hammond for running an after school netball club for the Junior children.

Getting the children well prepared for the tournaments was a development point for us this year and we are very pleased with our results. The successes have been huge across a range of events. We attended 18 events and won the Boccia, New Age Curling, Football, Tag Rugby and Swimming. We achieved second in Hi 5 and third in the outdoor athletics and hockey.

Last year saw the installation of the track around the school field which made preparation for the cross country events a real bonus. We had 46 children from the Juniors attend these two meetings at HCCS.

As teachers attending these various events we are always overwhelmed by the very positive and enthusiastic parent support! Thank you to you all.

Sports Day also saw a few changes this year (once again this came from parent voice) with class races for the Infants introduced. These were enjoyed by all especially the children. We also introduced the long distance races for Year 5 and 6. The different stations of activities are a staple and each year we ask the children if they want a change and it is always a resounding no! They love it the way it is.

If you feel you could support the school by helping to run a club we would be happy to work with you. We have also secured an extra hour on a Friday with Sports funding to prepare children for tournaments in 2019-2020.




On Monday evening, Mrs Cuttle and I accompanied children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 to a very successful athletics competition against other schools from our cluster. There were lots of events going on at the same time including long jump, javelin, tug-of-war and various running races so there was something for everyone. It was indeed a very busy afternoon! The children acquitted themselves really well with some excellent results. I haven’t yet received the table of results from Mr Capewell who organised and supervised the event, so I can only mention some of the highlights. Harry and Brianna won their respective long jump competitions - very well done, you two - and Jack S in year 5 came a brilliant second in the 600m. He was competing against a child that is actually running for the Cheshire county team and was only beaten by a very small margin – an excellent result. Harry in year 5 competed in the year 6 600m and also came second – another marvellous result especially as Harry was only asked to take part in this race at the very last moment. Our relay teams performed brilliantly and I believe that both year 5 girls and boys won their event. We also achieved a great result in the relay medley. Overall the team came third which is a great result! Many thanks to Mrs Flint, who did a sterling job in organising which children should take part in each event, and also to Mrs Cuttle for supervising the field events. Thanks also to the parents/carers/adults who brought the children to the event and to those who stayed to lend their support. Mrs Cooper




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