Reception: Looking back and forth week ending 8th October

Hello all

The children are now very settled with the routines at school. Lunchtimes are going well and on the whole they are good eaters. As you know they met their buddies on Thursday morning and had another play together this afternoon. Now that they have their buddies I can introduce them to their House colour which I will do next week. They can earn points for their House for many things during the day. Most of them struggle to understand the House concept so I refer to it as a club/team in the beginning. I will let you know what their House name and colour is. 
This week the literacy was based around the book Juniper Jupiter. She is a super hero. Our writing was using words to describe her: she is strong, she can fly, she likes ice-cream, she is brave, she is funny and she likes to dance. The story is based around her needing a side kick which I explained was not side kicking! We will continue this next week. 
In maths we were matching number to objects and working on counting objects correctly. A good tip if doing this at home is to encourage them to move the object as they count it. 
In RE on Thursday afternoon we talked about Harvest and then they had the choice to make harvest sticks which they brought home. I hope they could tell you a little about it. As we had discussed how flour was made from wheat and then used to make bread we gave them the opportunity to butter their own slice of bread as an afternoon snack. In music this week we played along to a superhero song using a variety of instruments. 
On Tuesday afternoon we did a short session on Black History and watched the Ceebebies bedtime story read by David Olusoga.

On Thursday afternoon the children worked with the artist Faith Bebbington. They went in small groups of 5. The whole school's work of art will be on display at the exhibition. Next week on Tuesday and Wednesday the children will spend time with a dance teacher learning a dragon dance.