Wb 15.1.17

Ask you children about...

what they learned about writing narrative poetry last week?

what they learned about calculations with negative numbers?

what they learned about creating a timeline of world events and when the Ancient Greek era was in relation to these?


This week we will be starting a three week writing topic to link in with our Ancient Greece topic work based on some Greek myths. In maths we will be continuing to look at area and perimeter. In our topic work we will be looking at the differences between the two Ancient Greek cities of Athens and Sparta.

The NSPCC will be visiting on Wednesday. The children will have an assembly with them, then the volunteers will be spending an hour with the Year 5s exploring the theme of 'Speak out. Stay safe.' Parents are also invited to listen to them talk in a meeting at 2.15pm in the Sunshine Room.

Mrs Benson has asked me to remind children that she has set some science homework, to be handed in a week on Wednesday. The task is to research Sir Isacc Newton and write a paragraph of information about him.