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Year 5/6 Athletics Tournament

A team of Year 5 and 6 athletes took part in a tournament at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive on Monday. This was rearranged from June, when the heat caused the tournament to be postponed – no such problems this time, as the rain bucketed down. Luckily, the tournament was able to take place indoors. There was a variety of events for the children to take part in – including skipping, running, long jump, shot putt and relay.

Our team was super talented, they were excellent sports people and they behaved impeccably. Well done to Zhenya, Benjamin, Emily, Louis, Chloe, Sydney, Rosa, Noah, Rose, Henry, Harriette, Hugo, Isy, Chloe and Thomas.

Mr Campion, Mrs Nicholson, Mrs Green

On Monday evening, four children from year 5 went to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School to take part in a tennis tournament. Unfortunately it rained heavily earlier in the day so it was decided that the games would take place indoors. The organisers had made sure that every child played the same amount of matches and for the same time – no mean feat! The children coped really well with the complicated arrangements, playing for different amounts of time and on different courts. 
It took a little time to get used to the courts and, as well as playing, the children had to keep their own scores. There were 3 junior judges from the High School who supervised some of the matches and teachers and some parents also helped to keep score. The matches were fast and furious and there was some wonderful tennis. Wimbledon is nothing compared to this! Everyone enjoyed the evening and the children’s behaviour and manners were exemplary. This resulted in a fantastic achievement of second place with a very small margin between gold and silver. Many thanks to Benjamin, Tippi, Rose and Harry G and their parents and carers who came to support them. It was a pleasure to be part of this evening and to watch these excellent budding tennis players – they will be an asset to any team they care to join! Well done to Rose, Tippi, Harry and Ben from Yr5 who played amazingly at a tournament at HCCS on Monday. Playing against yr 6 kids could have been intimidating but that did fantastic and scooped a silver for Goostrey Primary, we’re all so proud of you

Y5/6 Cricket Tournament 24/04/23  
The first match was played against Lower Peover. Beau took 2 wickets with power hitting and Cole displayed strong bowling. Fabulous team work with an outcome of a loss but at a very close margin. Lower Peover 247 V Goostrey 246. The second match was against Peover Superor and a super battle of a game. The team batted against tough bowling and fielding. The final score was Goostrey 228 v Peover Superior 242. The afternoon showed super effort, team work and attitude from all of our players with fantastic support for one another throughout. Our team come third in our group. Well done team!!

Year 5 and 6 Rounders Tournament
 Rounders tournament at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive. They played absolutely brilliantly, winning their three group games, before
going into a play-off match at the end. The final result was that we were joint winners of the tournament! The children were an absolute pleasure to take, with impeccable behaviour and sportsmanship. Well done to Kacey, Tippi, Beau, Hugo, Rose, Chloe, Thomas and Finlay 

Year 4,5 and 6 girls football tournament

Girls Football tournament at HCCS on Wednesday 22 March 2023

Thank you to the super group of players who played at in the tournament. They were a credit to our school!

Our esteemed team were:
Emily – See me rip this pitch up!
Chloe - I’ve got this in the bag just watch me!
Rosa – I didn’t realise I could play this well!
Kacey – Don’t forget me I’m in the goals!             
Bethany – I’m everywhere see me go!
Tippi – I am pretty good on this pitch!
Nancy – I am the team player you all need!
Esmeé – I’m dynamite on two feet!
Seren – Football is definitely my thing!

The girls played 4 games in all and came second in their league receiving shiny silver medals. Our first game was against Peover Superior and we won 3:0. Our second game was against HCPS and we drew 0:0. Our third games was against Lower Peover and we won 4:0.
We progressed to the finals and played HCPS and lost 2:1.
A fabulous afternoons entertainment which got the Head of School at HCCS out of his office bringing the deputy with him to watch the high standard of play. 
Thank you to our wonderful supportive parents! 

Year 5 & 6 Basketball Tournament

On Monday (6th March), we took a brilliant team of basketballers to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive to take part in a tournament, playing local schools. Our team were magnificent, winning two games and drawing one. They didn’t concede a single basket in the three games and won their league convincingly – deservedly receiving their gold medals.

Well done to Hugo, Chloe, Rose, Ben H, Sydney and Freddy.


Year 3 & 4 Basketball Tournament Monday 6th February 2023

On Monday, a group of basketball players from years 3 & 4 took part in a tournament at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School with other schools from the area. We played really well, showing some great passing, moving and dribbling. The children were well behaved and really enjoyed the experience.

Well done to Harry H, Jules, Lucy, Charlie, Henry and Aden.

Mr Campion

Year 6 Netball tournament on Wednesday 12th October 2022

On Wednesday evening, a team of ten players from year 6 went to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School to take part in a Hi-5 netball tournament against other local primary schools.

These tournaments are always quite complicated as each player has to play in a different position in each match so they might be defending in one match then attacking in the next so it’s hard to remember where you are allowed to go in the court. We played indoors so there are lots of different line markings and it is also very noisy – it’s sometimes difficult to tell whether the whistle has been blown in your match or the adjacent one. Having said that, the team played brilliantly with some wonderful passing, marking and scoring.

As a result of this, we won all of our matches, scoring so many goals (by lots of different children) that I lost track and winning our group overall. In fact, we kept a clean sheet with no goals at all being scored against us. This was a remarkable result - our best ever and only possible because of the excellent teamwork and exemplary behaviour both on and off court.

Many thanks to parents who brought children and those who stayed to support us. What a fantastic afternoon.

Very well done to Hugo, Henry, Beau, Samuel, Thomas, Issy, Eva, Rose, Mia and Chloe – you were all amazing!

Mrs Cooper


Year 5 and 6 football tournament on Monday 3 October 2022

Football Tournament

Footballers from years 5 & 6 took part in a tournament at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive on Monday. We played six games against local schools and came joint second overall, which is a fantastic achievement. Once again, the team’s sportsmanship and behaviour were absolutely brilliant and the children really enjoyed the event.

Well done to Freddy, Jude, Noah, Charlie, Louis and Ben




Sporting event reports from 2021 to 2022


On Monday evening, four children from year 5 took part in a tennis tournament at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. 

Each child was seeded then they all played a round robin in two different groups.  All of the children played every one of the opponents in their group so they competed solidly for nearly an hour!  This was really demanding both physically and mentally because there were no breaks and the children had to move from court to court over the evening.  It was great fun with some brilliant tennis.  The sports teachers at Holmes Chapel were extremely impressed with the level of tennis played and we all had a really enjoyable evening. 

The children’s behaviour was impeccable and the whole event was completed with super sportsmanship.

Overall, we came second so very well done to Hugo, Beau, Mia and Chloe – we’ll see you all at Wimbledon in a few years!

Many thanks to parents who brought their children and who stayed to watch – it was a really exciting evening!

Mrs Cooper




On Monday, 23 children from years 3 and 4 attended an athletics meeting at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School where we competed against pupils from the other cluster schools.

We were lucky once again as the weather was glorious for this very exciting afternoon. There were several running races and also javelin and long jump. We had some excellent successes with Nancy in year 3 winning the 60m skipping and the 200m running races and the year 4 boys relay team of Louis, Ben, Sydney and Harry A winning their event. Probably the highlight of the afternoon was the relay races. However, the hero of the whole afternoon was Stanley in Reception. Unfortunately, one of our year 3 boys could not take part in his race so Stanley offered to stand in even though he is three years below the other children. He was amazing! He ran like the wind and allowed the rest of the team to compete which they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. We were all very grateful to Stanley and delighted with how well he did. Overall we came second by a very narrow margin which is a great result.

It was a brilliant afternoon and the children were terrific. Some of them did not know they would be competing until Monday lunchtime as one or two children weren’t able to take part, so particular thanks to them and to their parents who agreed to send them at such short notice. The children behaved brilliantly with super sportsmanship and we all had a great time. Many thanks to Noah, Sydney, Ben, Harry A, Harry G, Louis, Kacey, Emily A, Emily I, Tippi, Chloe, Imogen, Rosa, Bethany, Seren, Henry N, William B, Harry D, Aden, Faith, Mimi, Nancy and Alice most of all to Stanley. Thank you too to all those parents who brought children and those who also stayed to watch – what an exciting event.

Mrs Cooper, Mrs, Sant and Mrs Beardsworth


Monday 13th June

On Monday 13th June a team of children from years 5 and 6 took part in an athletics tournament against other schools from our cluster. The weather was just right – not too hot and dry for a change for this exciting afternoon at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School.

There were lots of races of various lengths, including skipping races, several relays and also long jump and javelin.

The children acquitted themselves really well with some excellent results. Brianna won her long jump event as did Richie and Kate and Ollie and Chloe both won their javelin events – what a brilliant outcome, especially as they had very little experience.

The highlight of the whole event was how well the children supported each other and worked together. This was particularly evident in the relay events. We won both the year 6 boys and girls races with Rose from year 5 kindly stepping in to replace one of the year 6 girls. Our teamwork was amazing!

We were delighted with the result – we came 2nd overall – absolutely brilliant against some very good schools.

It was a very busy but exciting event and the children behaved extremely well. Congratulations to Rose, Henry, Chloe, Finn, Harriette, Hugo, Isobel, Thomas, Richie, Kate, Laurie, Daniel, Emily, Brianna and Ollie. Many thanks to all those who brought the children to the event and to those who stayed to cheer them on – your support is invaluable.

Mrs Cooper, Mrs Nicholson and Ms Cummins

Hockey at Bexton with Year 5 and 6

On Tuesday 24th of May the hockey club went to play against Bexton Primary School in Knutsford. We played 3 games in all with the first two games lasting 15 minutes long and the last quick-fire game was 5 minutes long. We had agreed in the beginning that scores would not be taken. I had arranged that the games be played on a friendly basis so that the children could have the opportunity to play the games with no pressure. Having said this we appeared to score more goals overall which certainly made the children’s day.  
It was a lovely afternoon and Bexton has asked if we would come over for more games in different sports. So, watch this space!
Many thanks to the lovely supportive families – we heard your great cheering, encouragement and clapping! 
Well participated Beau, Cole, Scarlett, Rose, Isla, Gabriella, Thomas, Hugo, Kate, Sam, Charlie, Henry and Chloe I was very proud of you all! 

Cricket with Year 5 and 6

On Monday 25 April 2022, we took a Year 5/6 cricket team to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive for a tournament against local schools.

Our team played brilliantly – the bowling and fielding were superb, and we were very strong at batting too, scoring a number of boundaries. We very nearly won the tournament, narrowly coming second by a few runs.

The best thing about the afternoon was the lovely atmosphere and spirit in which the cricket was played. Our children were brilliantly behaved and great sportspeople.

Well done to Finley, Daniel, Scarlet, Laurie, Emily, Cole and Beau.

Mr Campion & Mrs Flint



On Monday night, ten children from years 5 and 6 took advantage of a dance workshop organised by Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. When we arrived, the children were put into school groups and then the dance leader from HCCS explained the theme of the workshop. Children were asked to think about moving on, especially the transition from primary school to secondary. The various schools were taken to different rooms so there was plenty of room. The session started with moves suggested by the teacher but there was also time for the children to work on their own moves in small groups. There was plenty of time to practise the routines and refine them.

At the end of the session, all the schools returned to the small hall and showcased what they had created. All of the dances were performed to different contemporary tracks so each performance was completely original. Everyone was incredibly impressed with what the children managed to learn in such a short period of time and the standard of the performances.

The children worked well together and made the most of this opportunity. They were all really engaged and keen to hone their dance skills and it was also a good chance to meet some of their possible future teachers. Well done Isla, Kate, Gabriella, Finley, Scarlett-Rose, Sophie, Cole, Henry, Brianna and Emily and many thanks to parents for bringing them to this exciting event.

Mrs Cooper

Year 3 and 4 football festival

A fantastic group of our Year 3 & 4 footballers took part in a football tournament on the 3G pitches at Holmes Chapel Comp on Wednesday. The boys played brilliantly, with some sweeping attacking play. They won all the games in their group, scoring over ten goals and only conceding one. I was impressed with the boys’ sportsmanship and behaviour. Well done to Charlie A, Harry D, Rory, Rupert, Jude, Elliot, Charlie M, Sydney and Harry A


Year 5 and 6 football tournament

On Monday, nine children from Year 6 visited Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School to take part in a football tournament with other local primary schools. This was an informal tournament with the emphasis on joining together to play football. The rain held off, thankfully, as we were on the AstroTurf pitches outside.  Before darkness fell, all six matches were played, each lasting seven minutes before moving onto the next game – very quickly. The children coped admirably with the fast pace of the games, grabbing quick drinks between matches! The children showed excellent skills on the pitch and managed seven goals over the six games. Excellent defence ensured many potential goals from opposing teams were intercepted. The event organiser, commented at the end that it was fantastic to see children from the local schools together again playing football and that was the most important aspect of the event. Thank you very much to the parents who brought their children to the event and supported us from the side-lines. Well done to Mathilda, Myles, Dan, William, Scarlet, Lucas, Frank, Ollie, Richie from Year 6 for their hard work representing our school so well at the tournament.



On Wednesday, eight children from year 4 went to HCCS to take part in a Hi-5 festival. This was to give the children experience of taking part in a competition with no prizes and no pressure.

Luckily, the weather was kind to us and we were able to get through the planned matches outside. Even though this was a festival, all of the rules had to be followed and the children learnt a great deal about the sport through these matches. Our team all played extremely well and, whilst not on court, watched the games very carefully to learn from them. You could see how much progress the children were making as the tournament went on because they began to see how they could improve.

I was delighted with the overall result which wasn’t actually shared with the teams – we came second! As we only had a couple of practices beforehand, this was a super achievement!

Very well done to Louis, Noah, Charlie, Emily, Rosa, Kacey, Imogen and Tippi! Many thanks to parents and carers for bringing them and also for stopping to support our team – this is always very much appreciated.

Mrs Cooper


HI-5 NETBALL Year 5 and 6 

On Monday 4 October, eight children from years 5 and 6 went to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School to take part in a Hi-5 (primary netball) tournament. There was torrential rain and a thunderstorm during the afternoon so the tournament had to be curtailed slightly and took place in the Sports Hall rather than outside as planned.  This is always much more difficult as there are numerous lines on the various courts inside but the children took all of this in their stride. We played several matches with an amazing result.  WE WON OUR LEAGUE.  It was a very close call which came to goals against and goals for.  With some excellent defending, none of the teams we played managed to score against us leaving us the winners.  All of the children played extremely well and they worked together brilliantly as a team with everyone included and trying their very best with excellent results.  Many thanks to the adults who brought their children and stayed to support our team and congratulations to Scarlett, Cole, Henry, Rose, Issy, Isla, Kate and Brianna – you were terrific and I was very proud of you.  Mrs Cooper

Cross Country

On Monday in September 22 children from Year 3, 4,5 and 6 joined in the first sporting event of the school year. It was lovely to be back competing.

The Year 3 and 4 girls ran together and what a super race it was. All four runners came in looking good. Bethany finished 3rd and Emily A came in 6th and Tippi and Chloe completing in the top 25. Then it was the turn of the Year 3 and 4 boys. We had 7 boys running and they flew around the course all coming in quickly one behind the other. Our top position in this race was achieved by Harry A who came in 5th with Zander, Aiden, Louis, Harry D, Freddie, Sydney and Noah all coming in the top 20.

In the Year 5 and 6 race we entered six boys and four girls. The girls set off first and handled the two laps of the course with ease. Kate came in 7th, Emily 8th and Rose and Maddie were nipping at their heels. Last up were the boys - Laurie, Daniel, Ollie, Henry, Beau and Elliott, who is in Year 3. (Elliott was unable to complete the Year 3 / 4 race, so he joined the older boys). This was an extremely fast paced race with Laurie dominating the lead all the way and finishing ahead of the pack. What a performance these boys gave the crowds! The Year 5 and 6 boys won the trophy having scored the lowest collective points in their group.

Thank you everyone for participating and for the parent support. It was a lovely afternoon.

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