Y1 Friday 17th March 2023– Looking Back & Forth

Y1 Friday 17th March 2023– Looking Back & Forth

Looking back: 

In English we have sequenced the story of Hermelin and looked at the features within it. We have planned our own detective story.

In Maths we have begun our Place Value to 50 unit by grouping and partitioning numbers to 50.

In Geography we have thought carefully about the weather associated with each season

In Science we have used the data from our bird spotting to construct a graph / pictogram to show our results.

In Art and Design we have begun to paint our bird houses and to cut different sized circles for our Kandinsky inspired pictures.

Year 1 – Pupils’ Highlights:

√ Making shapes to represent animals in PE.

√ Continuing to say and repeat animal names in French

√ Grouping and partitioning numbers to 50 by thinking about tens and ones.

√ Solving reasoning problems related to place value.

√ Working hard to read and write words including alternative pronunciation of ‘ew’ saying ‘oo or yoo’ and ‘y’ saying ‘ee’.

√ Exploring weather associated with spring and summer.

√ Sequencing the story of Hermelin- with a focus on why an order is important.

√ Identifying different features with the story of Hermelin.

√ Planning our own detective story.

√ Showing the results of our bird spotting by making a graph / pictogram.

√ Using percussion instruments to make effects in Music.

√ Painting our bird houses neatly.

√ Cutting circles accurately and carefully for our Kandinsky inspired pictures.

√ Learning about the Last Supper in RE.


Family discussion questions:

  • Why is the order of a story important?
  • What sound does the ‘ew’ sound make in ‘chew’, flew’ and ‘new’?
  • What signs of spring can you see?

Looking forward:

Next week we will be writing our own detective story based on Hermelin.

In Maths we will continue to build on our knowledge of number by filling in missing numbers on a number line before estimating numbers on it and finding one more / one less than a given number.

In Art and Design and Technology we will continue painting and constructing our recycled bird houses.

In Science we will be writing a fact file about the features of birds.

In Geography we will explore how to stay safe in dangerous weather conditions.

Homework in Year 1

  • Spelling and phonics homework is sent home each Friday and is due back in the following Friday. Handwriting is based on the letter we have practised in school and the spellings are based on what we have looked at in school including High Frequency Words (HFW) or Common Exception Words (CEW) from the Year 1 spelling list. I will send 3 or 5 spellings home; this amount can be changed weekly dependent on how well they are retained by the children and will be tested informally on a Friday morning. This really helps to reinforce the sounds we have been working on in class and enables the children to use the sounds / words in their writing. Homework due Friday 24.3.23



  • Please continue to read every night. If this could be recorded in reading diaries so I can track progress for our 14 day Reading Challenge. Reading Challenge’s will be awarded on Friday’s after checking Reading Diaries on Thursday after school. If you have any questions please ask.


World Down Syndrome Day Tuesday 21st March- please wear odd socks. Gingerbread socks will be sold after school, beside the Sunshine Room.

Parents’ Evening- Monday 20th, Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd March in the Sunshine Room.


Thanks for your support

Ms Cummins