Year 6 - Looking Back and Forth - Friday 17th March 2023

Y6 – Friday 17th March 2023 – Looking Back & Forth in Year 6

Looking back:

This week, we have really enjoyed learning about Skara Brae and the children have made some fantastic models to represent their learning.  They have also been studying the Beaker people and the Bronze Age – what an interesting topic.  Hockey continues to be our focus for PE on Fridays and we’ve also enjoyed the topic of pie charts in maths.  We know how to look for the number represented by the chart and we can calculate a range of percentages to show data.  Carnegie Hall has been the focus for our English work, whilst the class enjoyed working in groups to record their musical compositions.  It was also a little dark in class as the torches and black-out blinds allowed our pupils to investigate light experiments.  Another busy and eclectic week in Year 6.

Letters issued Y6:

No specific letters this week

Year 6 – Pupils’ Highlights:

  • AW – Hockey in PE
  • CW – Maths
  • HJ & HN – Reading
  • EK – Writing about Carnegie Hall
  • FF – Film Night
  • LP & FF – Buddies
  • EB – The light experiments in science
  • BB – Learning about Carnegie Hall
  • SA – Finding out about Skara Brae
  • HM – Maths
  • FP – Making models of Skara Brea
  • AW – Spellings
  • EB – Recording our music compositions
  • CC – Lunch

Family discussion questions:

  • What is/was Skara Brae?
  • Tell me three facts about Carnegie Hall.
  • What did you learn about how light travels this week?

Looking forward:

  • We are looking forward to another week of learning and activities – although hard to believe it’s only two weeks until we break for Easter.
  • On Tuesday, we are supporting World Down Syndrome Day by wearing odd socks. Gingerbread socks will also be on sale after school – just £1.  Show us your odd socks!!

Homework in Year 6

Mrs. Timmins:                                    

Spellings (available to download on the Year 6 class page)

(Set:  17.03.23;  Due:   24.03.23)

CGP Homework - Grammar

Set: 17.03.23  Due: 24.03.23

Complete the following pages:

14-15 – Apostrophes

18-19 – Inverted Commas

10-11 – Mixed Practice

20-21 – Mixed Practice

Mrs. Cowell:                                      

Check with Mrs Cowell – thank you

Miss Atkins:  

Maths Arithmetic Sheet

(Set:  21.03.23;  Due:  23.03.23)