Homework in Year 4


Maths skills sheet - Friday to Friday  - This should take approx 40 mins

There are two sides to the sheet, with challenge questions on the overleaf.

English (usually grammar focused linked to work in class or revision) - Friday to Friday

Spellings from Mrs Riddell - Wednesday to Wednesday - learning over the week makes a big difference to getting them into long term memory

Timestables - learn 4 different timestables for four weeks.  Each children knows how many 'columns' they're learning.  This is not fixed, as the children get more confident the columns can increase, through a discussion with the teacher.

Reading - nightly - completing the reading record - this is handed in on a Friday to be checked and Reading Challenges/housepoints to be awarded.

TTRockstars - ideally for 10 mins at least 3 times a week.  This will really support your child with their maths work and the MTC (Multiplication Timestables Check) that the children complete in June.